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If you have a health problem and want to schedule an initial cardiac examination, make an appointment for a routine annual examination or mandatory control, you can do this by phone call, by fax or by our website. You can choose date of examination or control, choose a cardiologist, and a time period that suits you.

Our goal is to offer choices for scheduling an examination as simple and flexible as possible through booking of appointments via the “BH Heart Center” website. To schedule an examination in this way, visit the section “Our Medical Team”, in which you can select the desired doctor and by clicking on the examination appointment button, you reserve the appointment period for the selected doctor. In front of you there will be fields that you need to fill in, and you can also send your existing medical documentation.

All information on necessary specialist examinations, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and making appointments  in the “BH Heart Center” can be obtained through our Reception Office, which works every working day from 07-16h to the following telephone numbers:

  • Tel: 035\309-108 – Nurse Erna Sejfulović (Cardiology Department)
  • Tel: 035\309-123 – Nurse Leila Ćorhodžić (Cardiovascular department)
  • Fax: 035\309-240.

In the same way, you can confirm arrival, change an appointment, or cancel the examination.

Please check if you have the legal right and a possibility to come on a “Referral” to our Center, which means that you will not bear the cost of interventional cardiac and cardiac surgery procedures.

Health insurance funds in BiH in certain cases offer a possibility of giving consent and referrals from general practitioners, by which you can be exempted from paying those medical services.

More information can be found on the following section POSSIBILITY TO COME USING A”REFERRAL”.

When it comes to appointments, we are extremely attentive to our patients and we strive to respect the agreed time of the medical examination. Given that there are many patients, it may sometimes happen that you will wait longer than expected for examination. The staff will notify you if there is a reason for a delay.

We advise you to report to the Center 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment. Patients will be admitted to doctors in order of scheduled appointments, not on arrival.

If you have a problem with organizing a transport to the special hospital “BH Heart Center” Tuzla, our transport service is available 24 hours a day. In modern medical, as well as luxury, vehicles, patients are transported accompanied by professional medical personnel. You can get more information by calling the listed phone numbers.

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