“BH Heart Center” Tuzla offers a possibility to come using a”Referral” to patients from Bosnia and Herzegovina, thanks to contracts with the Health Insurance Institute of the FBiH and the Health Insurance Fund of RS and the Health Insurance Institute of the Brčko District.

In this way, insured persons do not bear the cost of cardiology or cardiovascular procedures. The insurance does not cover the provision of outpatient diagnostic examinations such as: specialist examinations, ultrasound, ergometry, and others, and for this reason, patients personally bear the costs of these examinations.

A list of all the services that are performed at the BH Heart Center on the referral and what is the amount of participation can be found on the link

For more information, please contact the Institute where you are insured.

Patients from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

By concluding a contract with the Health Insurance Institute of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the financing of the primary health care services of the “BH Heart Center ” Tuzla from the funds of the Federal Solidarity Fund, all insured persons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina come on a “Referral” to our Center and do not bear the costs of interventional cardiology or cardiac surgery procedures. “BH Heart Center” Tuzla has signed contracts with the Cantonal Health Insurance Institutes in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on cooperation and financing of our services that are not covered by the Federal Institute so that the best treatment of citizens of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is possible.

In accordance with the medical indication, the insured persons will be able to use the services on the basis of a referral from an authorized family medicine doctor, and according to a specialist’s findings, certified by an authorized person of the Health Insurance Institute of a particular canton.


Contacts of FBiH cantonal health insurance institutions:

  • Canton Sarajevo: Ložionička 2, Sarajevo, Tel. 033 206 587
  • Una-Sana Canton: 5. Korpusa 10, Bihać, Tel. 037 311 786
  • Posavina Canton: Titova bb, Odžak, Tel. 031 762 787
  • Bosnian-Podrinje Canton: Višegradska 1, Goražde, Tel. 038 228 348
  • Tuzla Canton: Franjevačka 36, Tuzla, Tel. 035 300 600
  • Zenica-Doboj Canton: Dr. Aska Borića 28, Zenica, Tel. 032 401 071
  • Central Bosnia Canton: Kralja Tvrtka 13, Novi Travnik, Tel. 030 792 728
  • West Herzegovina Canton: H.V. Hrvatinića, Grude, Tel. 039 660 163
  • Health Insurance Institute of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton: Dubrovačka bb, Mostar, Tel. 035 326 825
  • Health Insurance Institute of Hercegbosanski Canton: Kneza Mutimira bb, Livno, Tel. 034 203 482


Patients from Republika Srpska

By contracting with the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Srpska, treatment of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases is possible on the “Referral” from this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The procedure for sending the insured person of the Health Insurance Fund of RS outside the Republic of Srpska is the following:

A consilium of doctors of the relevant health institution in the RS where the patient is treated, suggests that the treatment is performed outside the Republic of Srpska because it can not be performed in the RS. The proposal, together with the necessary documentation, shall be submitted by the health institution to the Fund. The proposal is considered by the competent commission of the Fund which makes a decision on the approval of treatment. The decision is delivered to the insured person at home or taken over personally at the competent office of the Fund.

The proposal of the consilium is not binding on the insured, which means that if the Fund has a signed contract for the same service with several hospitals, the insured person may request that he be given treatment in another hospital, in addition to the one recommended by the consilium. It often happens that the insured asks to go to the Tuzla “BH Heart Cente” because they get a quicker service here, or they wait shorter for the start of treatment compared to other hospitals.

Emergency interventions for RS citizens

As a rule, the installation of the stent is not performed outside the RS, but if an emergency intervention is required, as is the case with an acute myocardial infarction, and the patient is in a place closer to Tuzla than Banja Luka, a local hospital, in that case, transports a patient to “BH Heart Center”. In such situations, when it is necessary for the patient to be urgently treated, the Fund’s commission approves treatment, regardless of the fact that this service could be provided in the RS.

What is paid by the insured person

For the insured persons whose treatment in the “BH Heart Center” Tuzla,  as an institution that has a contract with the HIF of the RS, is approved, the Fund finances the costs in full, except for participation paid by insured persons who are not exempted from payment of this obligation.

The exception is treatment at the insured person’s personal request, when the RS Fund finances 30% of the costs of treatment, and the insured person himself pays 70% of the costs, since the treatment could have been carried out in RS.

For more information, please contact the Fund which you are insured in.

Contacts of the offices of the Health Insurance Fund of RS:

  • Banja Luka Tel. 051 216 586
  • Prijedor Tel. 052 213 255 (ext. 18 and 20)
  • Doboj Tel. 053 227 892
  • Bijeljina Tel. 055 201 285
  • Istočno Sarajevo Tel. 058 415 235
  • Zvornik Tel. 056 210 426
  • Trebinje Tel. 059 224 160 and 224 449
  • Foča Tel. 058 212 880 and 210 756


Patients from the Brčko District

The contract with the Health Insurance Institute of the Brčko District enables the treatment of insured patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases on a “Referral”.


Contacts of the Health Insurance Fund of the Brčko District of BiH:

Vuka S. Karadzica 4
76100 Brčko District of BiH
Operator: 049 / 216-344

Commission for referral to treatment outside the HI of Brčko District of BiH:

Tel/Fax: 049 216-310