As part of the preparation for surgery, the patient is OBLIGED to take with him:

  • ORIGINAL Consent of the FBiH Health Insurance Institute, Brčko District Decision or RS Decision
  • ORIGINAL referral from your doctor
  • All received medical documentation regarding the reason for the arrival
  • Laboratory findings:  complete blood count, SE, blood sugar, Coagulation status, Creatinine, Urea, K +, Na +, Ca, Mg, CK, CKMB, Troponin, Urine, RTG pulmo + Spirometry (not older than one month), Kg and Rh factor.
  • If a patient takes a thyroid therapy, bring the last hormone status findings and doctor’s findings, not older than 3 months.
  • If there were neurological outbreaks, the last neurologist findings is needed.
  • Dentist findings if it is a valve operation

Patients using ANTICOAGULANT therapy (MARIVARIN, FARIN, PELENTAN, MARCOUMAR, or SINTROM) must discontinue taking this medicine at least five days before the procedure.

Five days before the planned appointment (on which you will be notified) stop drinking Plavix, Zillit, Clodil or Clopidogrel.

Provide 4 (four) blood donors for your blood type.

Take only personal hygiene items, slippers and two liters of juice with you.

In case of impossibility to arrive at the scheduled appointment, please call 035/309-123 or on time.