“BH Heart Center” Tuzla provides professional, safe and effective treatment services. We treat each patient as an individual and it is our duty to treat you with dignity and respect.

We understand that coming to the hospital can be stressful and worrying, so we try to make it easier and make the stay in the Center as comfortable as possible.

Upon arrival at the Heart Center of BH, our experienced medical staff and reception staff will be waiting for you, and they are available to all visitors, in order to meet the expectations and needs of those who visit the Center.

The staff of our clinic carry identification tags with the name and occupation label, so you always know who you are talking to. In addition, they wear uniforms of different colors, to make it easier for you to recognize them.

Nurses-coordinators will walk you from the reception to the reception infirmary, and then further to one of the infirmaries if you have an appointment with a specialist doctor. If you are ordered for more complex diagnostic procedures, you will be taken to the Daily Hospital where your stay lasts for a maximum of one day, and if you have already scheduled a surgery, you will be hospitalized or admitted to hospital treatment.



The reception infirmary starts working from 8:00 am, contains 8 offices, laboratory and RTG cabinet, and within it various specialist examinations and procedures are done.

Here you will perform basic cardiological examination and consultation with a doctor.

Before you approach any medical treatment, the doctor will explain all the details and answer all of your questions that may be relevant to you. No treatment is performed without the patient’s consent, unless the situation is urgent and the patient is unconscious.

We want to make sure that you fully understand your health condition, all the information presented and the options available concerning further steps in the treatment.


Before completing your doctor’s examination, ask for the following information :

  • What is the best medical treatment for you?
  • On advantages and risks of proposed treatments
  • Should you do additional tests
  • What are the next steps in the treatment and whom to contact
  • Ask everything you are interested in



When it comes to patients who have indications for further cardiological examinations, the doctor is the one who will refer the patient to further medical procedures. It is possible that you will immediately be offered a stay in the Daily Hospital or you will be ordered subsequently.

If an invasive type of diagnostic such as coronography is required, the patient receives detailed instructions on what to do, which documentation to prepare, and sends it by e-mail or fax. Then a new appointment is scheduled, the patient comes again at an agreed time and does infirmary diagnostic examinations, such as laboratory findings and ECG. After that, he is taken to a department and prepared for the coronarography.

Self-financing patients agree on the details of the prices of the anticipated medical treatment, including the same procedure of patient admission as well as those who are health care insured.

All patients have the same treatment, without any difference, which is why they are very satisfied.

The patient’s family and companions remain in direct contact with our staff, who after the completed procedure inform them about the results of the findings and how the patient feels and when he can leave the hospital.

Daily hospital means a maximum of one day of stay, after which the patient is released home or admitted to hospital treatment according to the outcome.


Data on your health status

In order to provide you with the most effective medical care, each patient has a health card. We have two protocols, one manual and one on computer, so that your medical data will be available to us at any time. The data is entered correctly, with all the necessary medical documentation and information, on the basis of which the so-called registry certificate is made and sent to the department, if the patient remains on hospital treatment.

The staff of the “BH Heart Center” has a legal obligation to treat all information about you as confidential. Your data is shared only with people who need to provide you with medical care, unless you ask us not to do so.

Information about you and your health will not be used without your consent. We can use some information about your health status for research or education, but only after we remove all the details that would allow this information to be identified with you.

“BH Heart Center” provides the opportunity to train a wide range of health workers. This means that medicial students who are under the supervision of qualified staff can be involved in taking care of you. This does not affect the quality of your treatment in any way, but provides valuable training for students.

If you do not want students to take part in your treatment, please inform your doctor or nurse about this – it will not affect your care in any way.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our medical services, talk to your nurses-coordinators and they will try to help you and resolve the disputed situation.