In the “BH Heart Center” we take care that your recovery is in the best order and that you are ready to go home as soon as possible, provided you have recovered enough and that you have everything you need to fully recover.

During your stay, the medical assessment team works together to consider your medical needs and your progress in recovery. This means that they can jointly assess that you have been completely cured and that you are ready to go home or that you may need additional care and care outside the hospital, such as:

Ambulatory medical checks

  • Intermediary care – assistance from a nurse or professional therapist
  • Home treatment equipment
  • Family help and care

On the day of a departure home, the patient and his family will be placed in the pleasant surrounding of the daily rooml of our Center, where they will talk with the kind and professional medical personnel about the current state of health and the details to be taken into account.

We will talk to you to make sure that you have all the necessary assistance, equipment and medicines, and give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you have without worry.

With state-of-the-art equipment, the Center uses a specialized hospital software that enables continuous monitoring of a patient from hospital admission to leaving the hospital, and control and care for the patient after a medical treatment. Your medical card will be computer-updated, and then you and our nurse coordinator will agree on the date of the first postsurgery control by a surgeon.

If your doctor has prescribed medicines, you will receive a prescription from your family doctor with which you can get them at a pharmacy.

When you are discharged from the hospital, for your records, please provide your general practitioner with your release letter containing the details of the admission and the reasons for which you came to the hospital, what medical treatment you have gone through, and the details of new or changes to existing medicines.

If you are applying for a sick leave, do not forget to ask for a release certificate to prove your claim.



Upon release from our Center, carefully read the Release Letter and follow the instructions given in the chapter on recommendations and therapy.

Be sure to do control examinations with a specialist doctor who is indicated.

Always bring a release letter to control examinations, findings from all previous control examinations, and findings of doctors of other specialties if they are indicated in the release letter.

For all examinations in our Center you need a referral of your competent doctor.


035/309-141; 035/309-225.


At home

If you have any further questions about your condition or treatment after you left the hospital, you can always contact us via available phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

If you feel that you can use additional professional support on your return home, contact your general practitioner to provide you with a list of useful caregivers that can help you.

How to behave after surgery, how to treat the wound, what activities are allowed, how to take prescribed medicines, and what are possible side effects can be read in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPERATED PATIENTS.